Why does YG Artists have more drug scandals than dating scandals?

She changed her stance when she found out T. P has agreed to join the project. The mic was properly returned by fans shortly after. There are several accounts in different events where she was seen scolding her manager for being too rough with fans. Normally 2NE1 would quietly get on their vans and give autographs from there or chat with the fans for a little bit but at that time, they ran. Fans who were waiting for their arrival were shocked at the unusual act. The members created their own personal private group chat.

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The two had been denying they were dating for many times. On a phone interview, YG Ent. He had a talk with Yang HyunSeok on 9th June morning, and they have decided to reveal the truth after all. It was pressurising being together as lovers like that. And fans were putting HanByul at a difficult position, and in order to protect her private life, they have decided to come clean with it.

With revealing their love relationship, they felt more at ease now.

 · It is indeed a YG rules that boy and girls can’t practice in the same room, it’s to avoid dating rumors and dating in general. they also agreed not to involve in

But if you think Americans are overtly prudish, they have nothing on the Koreans. Once pictures like the one above hit the internet, the outrage was almost instantaneous. If he loses the case, G-Dragon faces a fine and up to a year in prison. His fans, including those who were at the concert, have started a petition in support of the pop star and the case is still pending. Aimee was kind enough to hang out with me at a Starbucks on a rainy afternoon and talk publicly for the first time about the now infamous incident.

Aimee studied ballet for 14 years before transitioning to hip-hop. And though she took her dancer training seriously, when she moved to L. She flew back to L. All the VIPs and big people came out on Saturday and no one said anything.

YG’s Uber Ride Smashes Into a House in San Fernando Valley

The K-pop industry and the price of Hallyu stardom. The Path to Becoming an Idol Part 2: There are countless Korean entertainment companies, each managing a varying quantity of groups.

Nothing but YG stans answering this question so far. YG Entertainment has their good points and bad points, like any other agency. The best point is that they encourage their artists to write and produce right from debut, and to develop their own unique style.

Louboutin hat And so on! Dara also helped GD promoting his Heartbreaker album in her Cyworld account. In his message, GD told Dara that he missed her. For full contents of the chat you can see them at the group screencaps Everyone knows GD and Se7en are best friends too. Guess who took their picture? Dara once bought GD a gift when she just got back from Philippines, which is broken white t-shirt designed with a kind of batik pattern.

GD was seen wearing it several times, even for one of his music video, Breathe. GD is the one who supports Dara the most by encouraging Dara to try the YG audition once again after Dara failed her first one. GD once helped Dara by replacing her to eat chilies when she lost a game made by Se7en. In Korea only few people has a name with three syllables, outside their family name. He called Dara with Noona several times, but it always makes him bumbling by scratching his nose or ruffling his hair.

Double Take: Suzy and Park Shin Hye Look Like Twins at Separate CF Events this Week

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Jan 25,  · Big Bang DaeSung and KARA Kang JiYoung clarifies on the incident of the 2 of them text messaging each other.. On SBS Family Outing aired on 24th January, Kang JiYoung clears up on the scandal with DaeSung and also reveals a behind-story to their relationship. Previously on Family Outing, DaeSung revealed that there is a female idol whom he had received text messages from.

I wouldn’t be too fast to shoot her. At least she still looks quite feminine for her age. Maybe she didn’t do that much evil, compared to her relatives. Her father at times spoke against the regime, no? Back to her hobby, it takes a lot of patience and is very labour intensive. Perhaps many nights spent alone? I read somewhere they were at one time about to divorce? She is a fucking bitch. She wears the pants in the family. No wonder Hsien Yang spend so much time at the officers mess, just to escape her.

She was a spoilt bitch brought up by an indulgent father, and carry on her snob high class attitude towards life. I can see why he has affairs, I would do that too. I chipped in once with other officers to send her a nice floral arrangement on the birth of her first child, not even a thank you note to us. We are just nobody small shits and she has the golden pussy married to one of the Princes.

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For many talent agencies and entertainment companies, managing idols means charting activities, scheduling events, and regulating dietary needs to keep the cogs of the mainstream machine going and to meet the demands of an ever-hungry, ever-demanding consumer market. In the world of K-pop, however, it seems as though entertainment companies have mastered a kind of trade when it comes to managing and micro-managing the idols they represent, from diets and wardrobe right down cell phone use, and yes, you guessed it, who they date.

For any regular fan of K-pop, this should come as little surprise. We already know dating bans exist, and we readily discuss who is still on their ban as well as whose is almost over, but what do companies have to gain from the dating bans they enforce on the idols they manage?

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Saturday, April 16, Dirogol kekasih kerana cinta!! SEBAIK bertemu gadis berusia 20 tahun ini di sebuah tempat pelancongan di luar negara dan setelah memperkenalkan diri masing-masing yang berasal dari Malaysia, dia mula berbicara dengan galaknya. Gadis anggun dengan calitan mekap nipis di wajah mengungkapkan kata, dia mengambil peluang untuk beristirehat di kawasan itu untuk mencari ketenangan dan lari daripada insan yang disayanginya.

Kata Rani bukan nama sebenar kasihnya yang terlalu mendalam terhadap seorang lelaki berusia 25 tahun telah menjadikan dirinya mangsa dalam tempoh setahun perkenalan. Saya diperkenalkan dengan ibunya, balik dan pergi kerja dijemput. Ibunya juga sangat mesra dengan saya. Saya tidur di rumahnya dan segala-galanya disediakan untuk saya,” kata Rani. Beberapa bulan berkenalan kata gadis itu, kasih dan sayang Hisham bukan nama sebenar terhadapnya semakin menekan.

Dek cemburunya yang keterlaluan, Rani tidak boleh lagi pergi ke mana-mana tanpa pengetahuan Hisham. Lama-kelamaan kehidupan Rani jadi seperti kerbau dicucuk hidung. Gerak-gerinya diperhatikan, apa sahaja yang dilakukan perlu mendapatkan persetujuan daripada Hisham. Setiap 10 minit sekali pasti dia menelefon bertanyakan apa yang sedang saya lakukan atau saya sedang bersama siapa. Bila keluar makan dia akan menjemput saya untuk makan bersama menjadikan saya sudah tidak dapat lagi bersama kenalan dan rakan-rakan,” jelasnya.

Jelas Rani, kehidupannya di rumah sewa pun Hisham mahu ambil tahu.

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That became especially relevant because there are questions about where fanclub donations went. In response, KSH denied the dating rumors. Rumors are just rumors. Please stop the rumors from running amok. All I have is apologetic hearts towards [the fans]. The Taiwanese media is trying to play this story out in a ridiculous way that it just looks stupid. The company holding the event, Forever , tried to continue with the event, even if it meant that we would be losing money.

However, the Taiwanese company tricked us, so the Taiwanese government denied our visa applications. So far, Kang Sung Hoon had run his solo fanmeetings himself. But from now on, YG Entertainment will be looking through the details of all the situation and solve the problem as quickly as possible so there are no victims. These accusations of fraud are especially being amplified because KSH has been accused of fraud previously three times. Somehow that is not the end of his mess, as recently authorities are investigating his involvement in a breaking and entering of the home of his former manager with the help of his stylist.

The situation seemed to have settled down with the arrival of the police, but a witness claimed that Kang Sunghoon and his stylist began harassing the ex-manager as soon as the police left. A second batch of policemen were called to the scene.

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