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Except what they were seeing was more of a citywide muscle spasm than an elegant dance. Nothing could move until these two stragglers reached Park Street. For a quarter-hour, the Green E trains had held up the entire system. Ofsevit blogged about the 1 a. Another member scraped daily data off a transit website that tracks MBTA trains. Sensibly, officials announced that the other trains would no longer wait for the laggard streetcars. Ari Ofsevit, a transportation policy wonk, explains the big issues with Boston’s mass transit system, including deferred investment and the lack of a defined vision for the future. Story Continued Below With success has come a more receptive response from the transit officials who once pooh-poohed their findings. Instead, they want to revitalize urban life in fast-growing Boston by improving how people get around.

Urban planning

This pretty much sums up the problem of gentrification, which is when wealthy newcomers completely transform a lower-income urban neighborhood into a yuppie or hipster haven, pricing out and pushing out original residents, who made the place interesting in the first place. Gentrification is the major issue facing urban core revitalization today.

It generally results in reduced crime, new investments in buildings and infrastructure, and increased economic activity. The problem arises when these benefits are largely enjoyed by wealthier newcomers and not as much by the people who had lived in the neighborhood for a long time. Grant breaks down the effects of gentrification into four areas: Gentrification affects demographics in several ways.

Danube Delta – Highlights. The mighty Danube River flows 1, miles from its springs in Germany’s Black Forest to the Black Sea. Just before reaching the sea it forms the second largest and best preserved of Europe’s deltas: 2, square miles of rivers, .

Balloons may be Puerto Rico’s best chance for communication Sidewalk Labs released a page document brimming with the company’s extensive ideas, including high-speed ferries, parks that can be adapted to the seasons, and robotic waste removal vehicles. Sidewalk Lab’s plan to fuse smart urban planning with technology is still just a visionary document, but if realized, would likely benefit both the company and Toronto.

Sidewalk Labs doesn’t get any ownership of the neighborhood, but gets a massive slab of land to deploy its innovative urban experiment. Meanwhile, Toronto will at minimum get a lot of help transforming an apparently neglected area of its waterfront into livable, revitalized land. Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, seems to like this idea. The company offered ideas about what the urban experiment might look like.

These aren’t just attractive conceptual drawings, but based upon real-life examples of urban renewal.

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His three kids have long since moved out, but this corner of Brampton, Ont. There’s no noise and confusion here,” he reasons. Canada’s suburbs — the bedroom communities, towns and cities that surround major urban centres like Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver — are going grey far more quickly than their hustle-and-bustle counterparts, the latest census numbers show.

CP While Toronto itself saw the number of residents aged 65 and older grow by just Not far away in neighbouring Whitby, the increase was

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How to get here: Prince Stephan the Great commissioned bridges and paved roads for the transportation of wine from the Cotnari vineyards. Grasa de Cotnari was awarded the gold medal at the World Exhibition in Paris. Located in the small village of Cotnari, the Cotnari vineyards are famous for their delicious sweet white wines made of grapes rich in sugar and harvested in late autumn following the first frost. The quality of these wines relies on a combination of rich soil, the late harvest and the presence of a special mold Botritis cinerea.

The winery’s most popular wines include Francusa dry , Catalina semisweet and the sweet, golden Grasa and Tamaioasa dessert wines. The most popular brand, “Grasa de Cotnari”, is an excellent white wine often referred to as the “golden nectar. The winemaking plant produces 4 to 6 million bottles a year and boasts a collection of more than , bottles. Cotnari winery offers wine-tasting sessions and tours of the cellars and factory.

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violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking. VAWA also amended section 5A to require PHAs to include, in their annual plans, a statement about any domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking prevention programs they make available. The November interim rule amended HUD’s regulations in 24 CFR part 5.

Annual Conference absmithTU T The conference is focused on CUMU member institutions, their community partners, and their work addressing contemporary challenges through dialogue and presentations delivered in a variety of formats that allow for in-depth conversations and actionable next steps. The Urban Mission October 21—23, Philadelphia, PA Institutions of higher education play major roles in strengthening the fabric of our communities.

Across the CUMU membership, institutions are more closely aligning university goals with those of their city and achieving positive outcomes more quickly. By leveraging historical connections and existing strengths, they promote economic mobility, drive economic development, foster creativity, address societal challenges, and improve lives. The Urban Mission, looks at the role higher education plays in creating significant, equitable outcomes in collaboration with the communities they serve.

The theme asks CUMU members to reflect broadly and specifically on how the urban mission can be fully integrated, from real estate assets to college readiness pipeline programs, and into their operations, structure, partnerships and academic objectives. The theme of All In is perfect for Philadelphia. Our four local member institutions—Drexel University, Rutgers University—Camden, Temple University, University of Pennsylvania—are national leaders in fully adopting and integrating the urban mission.

Throughout the conference, these institutions will collaborate to bring critical conversations to attendees. Major Themes The CUMU Annual Conference calls on each of us to reflect on how we can move our institutions closer to full integration of the urban mission. Through community-based learning, student civic leadership, community partnerships, and volunteerism, CUMU members are creating socially aware and active leaders.

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Public administrators and civil engineers have their work cut out for them. Urban planning requires thoughtful decisions about how to use city space, and how to create cityscapes that serve people, as well as serve function. If you are interested in public administration , and learning more about urban planning, you can watch these 50 YouTube videos that address urban planning: General Urban Planning These are informative videos about urban planning and theory.

These videos also include helpful examples from different cities around the world.

Communities across the country— along rivers or coasts, large or small, rural or urban— can incorporate nature-based solutions in local planning, zoning, regulations, and built projects to help reduce their exposure to flood and erosion impacts.

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They are always on the lookout for challenges to which they can apply solutions. Whether or not anyone else wants them to do so is irrelevant. They are able to implement long-term solutions by utilizing their logical decision-making capacities. They use their incredible personal power and presence to motivate, and sometimes intimidate, others to join their crusade.

The people surrounding an ENTJ are frequently assigned roles pertaining to the objective at hand.

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Mr Ma said that residents would be able to use universal rail cards and buy annual tickets to allow them to commute around the mega-city. Twenty-nine rail lines, totalling 3, miles, will be added, cutting rail journeys around the urban area to a maximum of one hour between different city centres. According to planners, phone bills could also fall by 85 per cent and hospitals and schools will be improved. Pollution, a key problem in the Pearl River Delta because of its industrialisation, will also be addressed with a united policy, and the price of petrol and electricity could also be unified.

The southern conglomeration is intended to wrestle back a competitive advantage from the growing urban areas around Beijing and Shanghai. By the end of the decade, China plans to move ever greater numbers into its cities, creating some city zones with 50 million to million people and “small” city clusters of 10 million to 25 million.

Lace up your shoes for an urban hike at the secret Beachwood Canyon Stairs. Hollywood Hills One of the coolest things about LA is its many, many secret sets of stairs.

Registered consultants will automatically be considered for consultancy openings if their profiles match an advertised offer. Local authorities and non-profit organisations are invited to submit proposals which aim to achieve the following expected result: The effective creation, protection, design and management of public spaces, particularly in disadvantaged communities in rapidly urbanizing cities and towns, as critical preconditions for poverty reduction and the fulfilment of human rights in urban areas.

Proposals must demonstrate that they contribute to the following outcome: Improved local policies, plans and designs for safe, inclusive and accessible public spaces for all which supports more compact, better integrated and well connected, socially inclusive and resilient cities and neighbourhoods in partner cities. Proposals can be submitted for projects in the following countries and territories: To date, the programme is active in about 30 countries.

Public space is a vital ingredient of successful cities. Small public spaces are priceless as they can build a sense of community and create a safe and secure environment for everyone, including men, women, young people and older people. Such public spaces contribute to the building of social capital, encourage economic development and strengthen communities. Having access to public space improves quality of life and is a first step towards civic and economic empowerment and opens opportunities for greater institutional and political engagement.

Superblocks: How Barcelona is taking city streets back from cars