Republic of Congo

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The sub-Saharan area in which the Democratic Republic of the Congo is located is known to have a great deal of religious diversity when compared to those areas in Northern Africa, where most of the populations are Muslim. In fact, the most widely practiced religion in the country is Christianity in it’s various forms. Christianity has a rather long history in the Democratic Republic of the Congo , dating back to , when Portuguese colonizers arrived in the country and missionaries established some high profile conversions such as the King as well as his entourage.

More widespread conversion to Christianity occurred during the Belgian colonial era. Interestingly, many Christian and Muslim followers also retain elements of traditional African religions within their respective beliefs. The Democratic Republic of the Congo has also adopted freedom of religion as a basic human right in it’s constitution. Foreign missionaries operate freely within the Democratic Republic of the Congo and consequently, the country has been influenced a great deal by other countries when it comes to religion.

This article will explore the different religious beliefs of this nation.

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In January , the DRC implemented a value-added tax that has increased government receipts without provoking an inflationary crisis. The tax, implemented at the recommendation of the International Monetary Fund, distributes the tax burden more evenly throughout the Congolese formal sector and encourages certain informal operators to formalize.

In July , the DRC took a step toward increasing consumer confidence in its national currency, the Congolese franc, by introducing new larger denomination banknotes without causing any inflationary pressure. There will however be an adjustment period as the Congolese judiciary adapts to the new legal framework. Finally, in September , the GDRC began paying civil servants by direct deposit, an important initial step in eliminating graft and patronage within the government.

Tracking of government salary payments has also revealed fictitious employees and other mechanisms that perpetuated corruption within the government under the previous cash payment system.

She is convinced that more and more women are starting to think like her, and is already a model for some of the younger girls in Kinshasa. “I pay school fees for two young girls – friends of friends.

The Kongo Kingdom was one of the great early empires in central Africa. That kingdom is the source of the official name of the Republic of Congo. The landareais , square miles approximately , square kilometers. The equator passes through the country, which has one hundred miles kilometers of coastline on the Atlantic Ocean. The four major topographic regions are a coastal plain that reaches forty miles into the interior, a fertile valley in the south-central area, a central plateau between the Congo and Ogooue rivers, and the north Congo Basin.

Most of the country is covered by dense tropical forest. The climate is humid and hot, with heavy rainfall.

Income Inequality: In Congo, a Tale of Two Cities

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Why Is This Important? Because the more we understand about the AIDS virus, the better chance we have of fighting it. Long Story The terrifying outbreak of Ebola , which started in Guinea in West Africa, has been dominating global headlines in recent months, but scientists are still trying to understand the devastating AIDS virus and have recently made a significant discovery. There has been frequent debate over where and when the AIDS pandemic started, although Africa had always seemed most likely to experts — but this latest research published in the journal Science gives a definitive answer.

HIV, or human immunodeficiency virus, is a mutated version of a chimpanzee virus called simian immunodeficiency virus, and experts believe it was passed to humans who had contact with infected blood while handling meat. Kinshasa, which was called Leopoldville at the time, provided the conditions for the virus to spread. There was rapid population growth, a roaring sex trade and poor sanitary conditions in health clinic where needles were often not sterilized.

At this time, railway networks were developed that allowed a million people to travel around the country by the s, further spreading the virus. HIV became a globally recognized problem in the s and nearly 75 million people have been infected.

Religious Beliefs In The Democratic Republic Of The Congo (Congo-Kinshasa)

Congo , to establish what governs mega-gully location and plan form and to illustrate the concepts behind mega-gully treatment. For this purpose, the diachronic distribution of mega-gullies has been mapped in Kinshasa. All mega-gullies have been reported in ArcGis 9. A newly elaborated DEM enables the mega-gullies to be placed in their natural topographical context. On the WorldView 1 WV1 coverage, the number of mega-gullies has more than doubled between and from to The study also indicates that neither the location, the plan form or the downslope course of mega-gullies in Kinshasa are controlled by the natural topography.

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Unpainted cement houses line muddy dirt streets where women sit at stands, selling the day’s catch. On the other side, where the fishermen used to cast their nets, a posh private city is being raised from the bottom of the Congo River. Pumping millions of cubic meters of sand, the British hedge fund Hawkwood Properties is developing acres of water to become a tranquil residential haven complete with swimming pools, schools, grocery stores and a sports complex.

Today, most of Kinshasa’s wealthy reside and work in downtown Gombe, the economic and political center that houses Congo’s government institutions, bank headquarters and international organizations. But Gombe is pinned against the bank of the wide Congo River by miles of low-income neighborhoods with narrow, congested streets and virtually no available space upon which to expand. Across from the white-tile terrace of Choudury’s new home, the community leaders of Fisherman’s City congregate in a small, roofless concrete-block room.


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