Jews of Turkey fear growing antisemitism

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Blue State Blues: The Crisis of the Liberal Jewish Intellectual

All we can try to do is promote person-by-person awareness. My objection is to the anger and the blame. September 7,

The celebrations included a live, televised retelling of Jewish history dating to biblical times. In one scene children with yellow stars pinned to their clothes fled marching Nazi soldiers.

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A journey to Jewish Greece

The minute silver coins—three in pristine condition and two worn out—were inscribed with the word “Yehud” in ancient Hebrew script, and are some of the first minted by Jews. They are dated to the end of the 4th century BC. According to Zachi Dvira, who co-directs the project along with Dr. Gabriel Barkay, “Throughout the years of archeological digs all across the sites of ancient Jerusalem, only five of these coins were ever found.

Judaism, monotheistic religion developed among the ancient m is characterized by a belief in one transcendent God who revealed himself to Abraham, Moses, and the Hebrew prophets and by a religious life in accordance with Scriptures and rabbinic traditions. Judaism is the complex phenomenon of a total way of life for the Jewish people, comprising theology, law, and innumerable.

For many Orthodox converts going through the conversion process, the mikveh is the light at the end of a long tunnel. What this means in practice is that men and, more often, women the majority of converts are female wait months and sometimes years to enter the dating world as halachic Jews. When the process is finally complete, many converts describe feeling more anxious than excited about the prospect of dating.

Everyone has heard and many have experienced their fair share of dating horror stories. But there is more to it — and seemingly more at stake — for converts. The Jewish community has long struggled with accepting and successfully absorbing newcomers, but one segment of the community appears to be failing more acutely, and more consequentially:

Jewish views on marriage

Information on iconography from the Bibliokek Nationale Many Internet sites have been correctly accused of being crypto-Jewish, or written by trolls, or written by professional spooks, or just ignorantly biased to Jews. People unused to Jewish analyses may like my soft introduction, my own extremely incomplete list of ‘joff’ websites, Jews-off-the-radar, with my reasoning.

I’ve tried to explain in what respects they are wrong, incomplete, dishonest, and evil. Many are shills for Jews, large numbers are scared to discuss Jewish wire-pulling, many are paid by Jews or Jewish pressure groups.

Today, Between Friends’ comprehensive programs and services include a toll-free Crisis Line (HELP), counseling for victims and their children, court advocacy, and prevention and education efforts, including healthcare education and our extensive teen dating violence prevention program, REACH (Relationship Education: A Choice for Hope).

Not to denigrate the very real anxiety of these young ladies and their parents but at 22 a person has no end of personal possibilities and opportunities. At 42 or 50, not so much. While some may bemoan that every single young man and woman in their early 20s is not married by their 21st birthday, nevertheless there are no end of weddings filling up the calendar on any given Thursday or Sunday night and on many other afternoons and evenings as well.

In shul, a barrage of aufrufs hog the bima and bring elaborate hot kiddushim to the masses. Fifty year-old grandmothers are quite ubiquitous in most Orthodox neighborhoods. Contrasting the blizzard of twenty-something weddings is the near total dearth of nuptials for anyone Orthodox who is over

The 20 best dating apps and websites

June 1, Author: I have a particular interest in this as I have a daughter in her late 30s that was widowed last year due to cancer, and she lives in Utah County. The article is partly a book review of Date-onomics, a book that breaks down dating trends by demographics.

Everything neo-feminists don’t like about men (read: their insecurities) is deemed a crisis in masculinity these days. It’s an inherent misunderstanding of men and a refusal to appreciate gender differences.

Shalom bayit Marital harmony, known as “shlom bayit,” is valued in Jewish tradition. The Talmud states that a man should love his wife as much as he loves himself, and honour her more than he honours himself; [8] indeed, one who honours his wife was said, by the classical rabbis, to be rewarded with wealth. Traditionally, the obligations of the husband include providing for his wife. He is obligated to provide for her sustenance for her benefit; in exchange, he is also entitled to her income.

However, this is a right to the wife, and she can release her husband of the obligation of sustaining her, and she can then keep her income exclusively for herself. The document that provides for this is the ketuba. The Bible itself gives the wife protections, as per Exodus The rights of the husband and wife are described in tractate Ketubot in the Talmud, which explains how the rabbis balanced the two sets of rights of the wife and the husband.

The Real Jewish Day School Crisis

A woman’s Jewishness “is not that important,” he says. But for me, being Jewish is a plus, but I’d be happy to marry someone not Jewish if we have other things in common,” he explains. Now meet “Jacqueline” who wished to remain anonymous: She is funny and smart and wants to get married – specifically to a Jewish man.

Singles and Sanity: The How We Treat Shidduchim Crisis Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin July 17, Rebecca Rosen is carefully perusing the cereal shelves in her local supermarket.

There is much that he asserts, in the face of evidence to the contrary. Beinart has a rather broad definition of racism. Beinart points to three reasons that Jewish conservatives are supposedly alienated from their president and their party. Second, they favor immigration, while Trump, supposedly, does not. And third, they fear populism, while Trump attacks the elites and established institutions. Beinart is correct in only one respect: And that is the essence of the divide. NeverTrumpers simply gambled on Trump losing.

The divide is political, and even personal, but not intellectual. The real intellectual crisis is among Jewish liberals like Beinart, who have no new ideas to contribute, and have largely surrendered to the illiberalism of the far-left:

Bennett Proposes World Jewish Singles’ Gathering To Solve Shidduch Crisis

Ptolemy secured control of Egypt and the Land of Israel. The Land of Israel was thus sandwiched between two of the rivals and, for the next years, Seleucids and Ptolemies battled for this prize. The former finally won in B.

New York The Jewish Week; Gaza’s financial crisis is sending Hamas back into the arms of Iran Double dating. 82 or 83? The curious confusion over Mahmoud Abbas’s age.

For American Jews, the fact that this government has aligned itself so strongly with the Trump administration presents a huge problem, because most American Jews — for whatever they might like about Nikki Haley at the UN, or scuttling the Iran deal, or moving the embassy to Jerusalem — American Jews are overwhelmingly opposed to Trump. So what does it mean when the nation-state of the Jews is aligned with him? From the Israeli perspective, you have an American Jewish community that, for example, overwhelmingly supported the Iran deal, something they see as an existential threat.

He got that from us. For 50 years, the Jewish American community has outsourced its identity to Israel. It has not focused on what it means to be a Jew… It has focused on Israel. What does it mean to be a Jew? It means to be uncritical of Israel and to give unconditional support to Israel.

Rabbi Friedman – Lighten Up, The Comedy of Marriage