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Join into a lobby with 1, 2, 3, or 4 friends then matchmake for a game, or just join solo and it’ll look for 4 other guys to play with. It’ll stop making you wait half an hour to play while waiting for the other games to finish horrible design imo. Not when I’m waiting but when I’m playing it’s so much easier to make a comeback on cheesers that jack up lucky 3s and actually hit them. It’s so easy to get stripped and be down before you even have a chance to score. It’s just horrible, and if I use the back down animation to guard my dribble another person can just run up behind me and get an even easier strip. And if you try and pass out of any sort of pressure it’s always to the wrong guy or a bad pass regardless of your playmaking ability. If you watch an NBA game, there isn’t many dunks period. Maybe the same amount as you see in a 10 minute game to 15 as you do in a 48 minute contest. Building upon that, you might see a poster dunk in every other NBA game..

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Now Too many Cheaters I Previously rate this 5 star. But now, because of the update you’ve made of merging servers which causes mass cheaters to come into our game it ruins everything. Even if we already reported all the cheaters you still don’t do any actions.

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To say the least, my team members and I were absolutely scathing. My day was ruined and my disappointment was immeasurable. Angle of incidence is equal to angle of reflection! I learned that in primary school! If you truly desire for your game to be perceived as a serious competitive experience then I suggest you reevaluate your current system.

While the latter complaint may be a stretch, so long as you redress my initial grievance I shall rescind this incriminating review. Would be nice to download the new version and be able to play first time right away. I get the box AGAIN new version available, open in apps and sticks at connecting, refresh and same thing over and over. Two stars is pushing it right now. How do you come up with a 4 player and a 12 player against 2 shield players.

Waste of money and time. Am giving it one more purchase of diamonds and if not fixed will recommend nobody waste money on purchase. This is my third request for better pairing in 2on2. No chance of having fair game and improving on win rate or having a fun competitive game.

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Translated by Brett HellaBrett , http: If you are playing on pad, ignore this Main Weapon: The projectile fire button In general, this is a shot that can be fired regardless of the direction you face, and is quite easy to use. Melee Button Multiple presses in succession result in a second hit, third hit, etc Neutral melee: Press the Melee button without any directs held Generally moves straight towards your target. It is usually multihit and tends to do decent damage if you perform all the hits.

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Written by Brett HellaBrett , http: This entire guide may seem long-winded, but that is because Gundam Versus is its own genre. Unlike other games, to learn Gundam Versus you must accept to learning an entirely different kind of game than you’ve ever played. While most of us agree that learning Gundam is not hard, it may be frustrating for people who are not used to learning a completely different skill set from square one.

If you are playing on pad, ignore this Main Weapon: The projectile fire button In general, this is a shot that can be fired regardless of the direction you face, and is quite easy to use. Melee Button Multiple presses in succession result in a second hit, third hit, etc Neutral melee: Press the Melee button without any directs held Generally moves straight towards your target.

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Your experience on this site will be improved by allowing cookies. Allow cookies The rise of Chaos: Where many publishers would have just left their old game behind for good, Blizzard puts the fighting gloves back on and looks for revenge on their own contempt for a still popular considering its age and highly praised game. A true classic with an almost cult following.

The matchmaking thing is also working like a charm. I’d say Quake Live is going to rock when the public beta kicks off. The ads fit extremely well as Quake 3 had big video screens from

Community About We’ve spent the last year disregarding sleep, excitedly ranting to our friends and repeatedly draining our bank accounts to create our proof-of-concept. We’ve built a solid, modern engine entirely from scratch and our testers are having fun. We and our players! Want to watch the smoother, prettier, 60fps version of our video? Matchmaking – Quickly find games of any type or simply jump on a server with friends. In-game, multiplayer map editor – Build maps with friends then smear those friends across the walls.

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Thanks for Beta Testing goes to kot. Strikefire, dorsK, Shogo and Maxtasy. The system should be self explaining, but we made a small help page in case you need it. At the moment we support 4 and 8 slot cups single elimination , more variations will follow if we see the need of it. A new main menu item appears, called Cups.

and in the normal online matchmaking, there are Guest options to co-op against other players, that’s its own separate mode, so that makes me think Co-op Seasons is 2 players online vs CPU. I haven’t confirmed it because have no one to test it with.

E CZ and Autosniper are ridiculous. I mean, sure, both teams can use them the Autosniper both can use on the CT side , so it’s not like they are “unfair”, it’s just terrible weapon design. Handling these guns requires next to no skill. Positioning still makes one player better at using those guns than another player, but the concept of how these weapons are simply “point in the general direction of a player model and spam MOUSE1” is unacceptable.

With the Autosniper there’s at least some kind of “risk” drawback to the gun, seeing as how it is pretty expensive. Consecutive shots should be less accurate though, so that you have to wait longer before you take a second shot.

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What do all of those indications that players can see while matchmaking mean? The objective of a good matchmaking is too find the right balance between waiting time as short as possible and match quality fast connectivity between players and same level of skill. Regarding the waiting time, we look for the best fit for skill for the first 30 seconds, then expand that skill range after each 30 second interval.

After three minutes, we timeout the matchmaking to allow the player to restart the process from scratch.

The Counter-Strike:GO World Ranking ranks the best CS:GO Teams worldwide. It’s split into the Power Ranking depending on the players results at top tournaments within the last 6 months and the Club Ranking depending on the team results within 12 months. Check out the full ranking here and let us know who are you cheering for over at @ESLCS.

After first interview was so nicely received I made more ambitious one and collected here as many Quake players as I could for you to tell you about Quake and a new patch: How did your adventure with Quake start? Xhep Back in I excitedly told the locker room before football practice that I finally had cable internet. A teammate of mine said he had a few games I should try now that I had proper internet and the next practice he brought two cd-roms with him.

One with Quakeworld on it and one with Quake 2 on it. I spend the first few months playing a lot of QWTF with my friends before we made the switch to Quake 2. I remember a lot of nights connecting to a friends local server and playing just standart DM on Q2DM1. This eventually escalated into me connecting to a Quake 2 Lithium server and finding my big love.

It was so fast and the players that I encountered on the servers were so freaking good. It motivated me to the point where I wanted to become as good as the best players on those server.

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Wednesday, January 2, Warcraft 3 8 extra races 1v1. Good map to learn races and fight a little. If you make many towers more than 3 is just useless in most cases , never. I recently was placed in bronze as I was learning new races. This is a tutorial for a very basic starting build for the human race in WarCraft 3.

Jul 30,  · Are you totally disappointed or indignant about the matchmaking system? Have you decided to delete Dota 2? Don’t be silly! Valve has told you ” I don’t care!” by all of its updates. Launching mute system instead of ban list, hiding player’s Elo, allowing players to hide their wins and level, matching high-Elo players with low-Elo ones. All Valve does is for newbies.

It’s casual fun playing together. I remember having a lot of fun, with a big part coming from the social experiences, playing CS: But now, playing competitively literally means you have to deal with wankers every goddamn time. I keep trying to be the ‘mature’ guy, I don’t respond to trolling, I never call someone out for having a bad round, I even tell team mates not to worry when they accidentally team kill me.

But yesterday I knifed a teammate in the back because the guy just could not stop calling folks noob, and sighing, and being frustrated through the mic, even though his points were a team average. I thought fuck it, lets get him a knife in the back. But those kids ruin a game of mindless fun, and I made him not play a round. Take that, you immature brat, you. It’s definitely an age thing.

I might be wrong.

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It is here the Shokan half-human dragon, Goro, has reigned undefeated as champion for five hundred years. During Goro’s reign, the sorcerer Shang Tsung was allowed to corrupt the tournament in an effort to tip the balance against the forces of order. It is Kahn who requires ten victories in Mortal Kombat to unbalance the furies and earn unrestricted access to Earthrealm — free of interference from the Elder Gods.

Shao Kahn seeks to conquer the realm, to merge it with the dark planes of Outworld. Mortal Kombat Attract Screen:

Apr 14,  · Splinter cell- chaos theory and double agent have multiplayer where you could play 2on2. 2 spys vs 2 mercenaries. I got on conviction and I went though some of the options but I do not see anywhere where you can play 2 vs 2 against human players. I see a few options to play the computer and stuff but that is not the same. If anyone knows how told play 2 vs 2 all human players let me know Status: Resolved.

If everyone gets kicked out except the host and me it sucks. Playing with friends is very frustrating: My friends joined my party. I join a game and. Someone of my friends is not able to join the game or his screen remains black PS4. Most of the time someone is kicked out of the party. I have to re-invite at least one player after each! It is just horrible. Items are deactivated in 1on1 and 2on2 as default.

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